Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Herb Farming

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If you like working outdoors and love nature then establishing a small herb farm is an ideal business for you. Herbs are in demand almost every where in the world and fetch good rates. A small farm needs high value crops like herbs to become profitable as due to its little land holding it can not earn on economies of scale.

There are medicinal and culinary herbs. These are sold fresh as well as in dried form and usually in small packings i.e. 50 gms -200 gms. You can attract customers by internet. Also, you can sell directly to restaurants, supermarkets and Farmer Markets. Opening your own shop in a good location may also be a good idea. The more points of sale you have the more revenue you can generate.

Before you start your business know your target market and select the herbs to be grown accordingly. Also, gain all the necessary information before you decide to invest. Knowing laws of your area related to the business is also very important.

In order to supply round the year, you need to invest in plastic tunnels and/or green houses depending upon the weather of your area. Once you gain some expertise then you may convert yourself into an organic farm as organic herbs have higher rates & more margin which means higher profit.

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