Saturday, September 24, 2016

Leadership Skills for a Small Business

My last post's topic was, "Skills Needed to Run a Small Business". In that post, I mentioned leadership as one of the vital skills to run a small business. Now, in this post I'll briefly explain what leadership skills are required to effectively manage a small business:

Leadership is not a single item. It is a combination of many skills. Some of the important leadership skills a small business owner needs are as follows:

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Decision making: A small business leader should be confident & quick when taking a decision. The decision should be based on data or past knowledge. If necessary do some brain storming, research or consult your team members. Once you have all the necessary information then with a calm mind make a timely decision and stick to it. Usually little or lack of information delays a decision making process.

Communication: Good communication is a vital ingredient of any business' success. In a small business, communication should be frequent and clear. A good communication is not only important within an organization but it also helps the business owner to build good relationship with his customers, vendors, bankers, employees etc. Also, it helps in networking with others related to the industry.

On the other hand bad communication causes misunderstanding and confusion. Also, often it is the reason behind the poor performance of a business.

Delegation: Survival & growth of an organization in a long run is impossible without delegation. It not only empowers other team members but also develops future leadership. Also, it gives more time to the business owner for thinking, planing and improvement.

When a business leader shares his/her responsibilities with other team members, it makes them feel important and develop team spirit. Also, it results in increasing employees' morale, confidence and productivity. This eventually helps a business to perform better.

Adaptability to change: An ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said, "There is nothing permanent except change." Understanding and adapting the change is the key to business survival & growth. Now things change more rapidly than ever. Organization which are slower in change or do not believe in change cannot last longer.

Organizations with a climate of learning and seeking opportunities in the changing environment easily survive & grow than those which are afraid of it.

I hope you found the above helpful. Please feel free to comment.


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