Saturday, October 24, 2015

Staffing Your Small Business

Hiring right person for the right job is vital for the success of any business. In a small business mostly owners also work. So before you start hiring first make a list of all the jobs needed to be done on daily , weekly, monthly and annual basis. Then decide what you will be doing yourself and for which jobs you need help.

Do not opt for too many jobs for yourself, as it will over burden you and there will be little or no time for thinking, planning and effectively managing the business.

Now there are two ways to get help. You can hire an employee or you can outsource a job. Many times small businesses outsource accounting & tax related work. It saves them time & money.

Keep in mind that hiring is a time & money consuming process so make sure that you do it right. Make a list of job openings you need to fill and write down what skills, education, experience & other characteristics are required for each position. Then advertise accordingly. You can do it by:

  •             Placing an ad in the local paper
  •             Placing an ad thru internet
  •             Hiring the services of local headhunters
  •             Contacting job placement department of a university in your area

Interview in detail to know the candidates better and their capabilities. Evaluate each candidate carefully and select the best ones for the job. Make sure the selected candidates have the right knowledge  & experience. Also, they are willing workers with a positive mental attitude.

If in doubt call them again after a day or two for a second interview to further probe them. Sometimes it is better to offer an appointment letter with a 30 days or more probationary period so in case a candidate does not work as per your expectations then you can release him/her without any obligation and find a better employee.

Please feel free to comment. I hope this will be helpful.


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