Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Choosing the Right Business

Choosing the right business is something very important. One should spend sufficient time reflecting. on it. In case you make a wrong decision then you may end up wasting your precious time, energy & resources. Therefore, a detailed research is highly recommended before you start.

Business includes selling products as well as services. There are a number of factors one has to consider before choosing a business. Some of them include:

1. Do you really like this business

2. Requirements to start the business

3. Market demand

4. Your expertise

5. Budget

6. Law of the land

Please ensure that you really like the chosen business and enjoy doing the required work otherwise it may become a burden. Here, you need an introspection to really know how you feel about it. Only proceed if you really love the idea. Be prepared to leave your comfort zone to achieve success.

Find out in detail what it takes to start the business i.e. equipment, infrastructure, expertise, labor, cost etc. Discover source of equipment, know infrastructure needed and costs & time required to start the business. Meet suppliers, vendors, potential customers and others related to the industry to gain the first hand knowledge.

Sometimes even you love doing something there is not sufficient demand. So before you start make sure there is a sizable market out there. You can get an idea about the demand through internet, by meeting potential customers, by conducting surveys, by sample testing etc.

Usually, in small businesses the owners lead their teams. So, when selecting the right business  make sure that your qualification . expertise, experience etc match with the requirements of the business. In case you lack vital knowledge then you will not be able to effectively run your business. In that case its better to educate & prepare your self before starting the business.

Budgeting is one of the vital tools which may help you in making a right decision. It gives an estimate of the expenditure & income in a set period of time. It will give you an idea how much funds you should arrange for the business and when and how much income can you expect. Therefore, work hard on your budget to get an accurate picture of your future venture. When preparing it make sure it is based on facts rather than vague assumptions.

Knowing law of the land is very important. Find out the tax applicable on your business, permission / license if any you should apply for and any other requirements you need to meet before you start. Please make sure your business is in accordance with the law of your country.

Keep in mind, that only a detailed  study and research will help you in reaching a correct decision. There is no substitute for the right knowledge.

It was a brief write up on, " Choosing the Right Business", there may be other factors also, which I may have not covered, but I felt these were the most important. I hope it will be helpful. Please feel free to share your comments.

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