Monday, October 26, 2015

Advertising in Small Business

In a new small business, letting know your market presence to your potential customers is necessary for your survival and growth. A small business does not have a huge budget so following are some of the economical but effective options for advertising your small business:

Directories: Advertise in your local phone & business directories like yellow Pages under the most appropriate / relevant category.

Classified Ads: Place a classified Ad in the most read & circulated paper of your area. Usually Sunday or weekly holiday papers are read the most.

Blogs: Web presence for any business is vital. So create a blog & frequently update it. Make sure it is mobile friendly. Please use Search Engine Optimization for better results.

Website: Create a website, showing your business detail, relevant photos, contact information etc. Make sure it is searchable on major search engines. You can even make money through your web site with the help of Google Adword. Ensure your website also has a mobile phone version. Please use Search Engine Optimization for better results.

Handbills / Pamphlets: You can also attract new customers by distributing handbills in public areas like malls or you can ask newspaper hawker of your area to distribute it with the newspaper.

Direct Marketing by visiting / by phone: If you are trying to target a niche market and you happen to know your customers. Then you can introduce your business by personally visiting or by calling them.

Advertising on websites: You can place ads on the websites which you think are frequented by your potential customers.

A billboard outside your business premises: If your business premise is located on a busy road then you can invest in a good billboard. This may also help.

Social Media: Social media websites are a good tool for advertising & selling products. Learn by watching how others are using it. There you can also use their paid advertisement option.

Periodic emails: Collect email addresses of your potential customers and send them email periodically to inform about your new products, deals etc.

Customer Referral program: You can start a customer referral program where you can encourage existing customers by rewarding for bringing new customers. The reward could be a special rate or extra service or product for a limited time or could be something else.

Giveaway: Distribute giveaways to your existing customers. Gift items like wall clocks, wall calendars etc. These are good source of  publicity.

Personalized Packing material: In case you are selling a product then make sure your packing material i.e. bags, boxes, cartons etc. carry your logo, name and contact information. These also sometimes help potential customers to locate you.

Ebay or OLX: Websites like ebay and OLX are also a good place to sell your products & services. These are used by a huge number of people so you may easily find your customers there. Also it cost nothing and easy to use.

Youtube: You can sell your product by making and uploading a video about your product/service. Use Search Engine Optimization for better results. Also, you can place a paid advertisement here.

Google plus local, Bing Local & Yahoo Local: These can also help you to sell your product / services and attract more customers. Visit their websites and learn how to use these.

Above was a brief write up on how you can advertise your small business in a low budget. I hope you found it helpful. Please feel free to comment.

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